Maintaining Balance Also Means Focusing on Yourself

Different people have different struggles. Certain people have certain skills. While I spend a lot of time focusing on what I can do to live a life full of satisfaction and balanced, sometimes I slip. It’s hard putting your best foot forward and make an effort everyday in 7 different areas to feel satisfied in your life. I think out of my 7 categories, maintaining and up keeping my relationships are something I naturally put the most work into. I am really social and really value those who are close to me. I like to think about others and help others with their problems, often times so I can avoid mine. While having a good relationship with my friends, family and boyfriend are important, sometimes I find myself prioritizing them too much and not leaving enough room for the other things in my list that are important to me. My prioritizing categories then in a natural way kind of split. Half of them are focusing on others, the other half on myself. Out of my 7 categories, half of my categories are focused on “up keeping” relationships and the other half of my categories are focused on my health, my passions, my spirituality and my career.

My personality will always be social. I will always care about others, care about up keeping relationships, supporting others, helping them and spending time with them. By any means this is not a bad thing. Sometimes though, putting too much effort into others can be draining especially when it’s not reciprocated. Even that though, is not the point! We need to take care of ourselves in order to take care of others. Loving ourselves before loving others. If we nurture ourselves properly mentally, physically, spiritually, through self care, eating healthy, working hard to achieve fitness goals, career goals and hobby related goals is when we will feel full of happiness, love and satisfaction. When we feel this we can better share our light with others.

This means spending time alone! Allotting time to clean your room, to go to the gym, to pamper yourself, to revamp your resume, to do laundry, to read, to write, to apply for jobs, to pursue your hobby in a way that lights your spark and just generally spending time doing what is most important to you. Sometimes self care can be drudgerous. I think that drudgery ensues as a result of a lack of self care over time though. If we don’t constantly put effort towards self care, then when we do, it seems exhausting because we are so far behind from where we want to be in our ideal self care world. Focusing on others is great and also vitally important. Focusing on yourself though is something we often forget about. We often sweep self care under the rug feeling so exhausted up keeping our relationships. If we took that precious time of self care, made sure it was ours and didn’t push it to the side when something “better” came along, I think people like myself who struggle with this would be a whole lot happier.

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