Turning 23

I just turned 23, a month ago to be exact. Over the last few months, I’ve learned a lot, especially about myself and the direction (I hope) my life takes. I’ve had a lot of conversations with friends, my family and even in job interviews about where I see myself in 5 years or hopefully less.

In 5 years I want to most importantly feel happy and balanced.

Being in our early twenties is such a pivotal time in our lives. We’ve started setting habits, already have a good sense of ourselves and who we are, but there is still a lot to learn, experiences to have and ways to grow.

In the future, I want to be someone who feels satisfied, well rounded and happy with every aspect of my life. (Who doesn’t right?) Many people, creators, businesses or coaches only help people acquire success in one area of their life. Many YouTubers, Instagrammers and bloggers create content for one specific niche — how to be a social media influencer, how to be a makeup guru, channels on fitness, mindfulness, comedy, advice in friendships or relationships. The list goes on.

I think many people primarily focus on one thing or maybe two. With even immense success in one area, sometimes we let our happiness or success in other areas slide. Being mindful and aware to make an effort in every area everyday might seem daunting at first, but I really believe that with a little patience and determination, that effort will pay off.

From now onward, I want to work on daily social media documenting the small efforts I put everyday into my:

  1. Family Life
  2. Social Life
  3. Relationship
  4. Hobby
  5. Mental/ Physical Health
  6. Spirituality
  7. Career/ Work

I really do think the consistent little efforts we make daily are what result in long term satisfaction rather than some monumental yet occasional efforts towards success. Consistency, patience and determination is what will help us grow and become more successful overall. Eventually if the documentation/ content production of my own journey became consistent enough, I would love to have the opportunity to develop ways (in advice or materials) to help others to achieve that balance too. There’s nothing I love more than feeling balanced and helping others feel the same. You can achieve success in one thing such as a (one-hit-wonder) but to be considered a successful person (in anything) there is so much ongoing consistent effort required. You need to be achieving new successes all the time. Achieving success is one thing but maintaining it is another. My goal in working everyday on every area will help to constantly feel successful in every area in the long term. It’s a journey, a process. Here’s to the journey! Let’s make it an unforgettable ‘Jordan Year.’

Here’s a bonus funny article about turning 23.

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