Being Authentic & Thoughts on Personality Management

Managing your personality is something that is normal and reasonable, of course to an extent. We all have to act respective to the situation we find ourselves in. There is a way to act when we are out with our friends, at work, at school, with a significant other or at a family event etc. While it’s important to act appropriately, it’s even more important to be true to yourself. Here a couple of  thoughts on being who you are and how we can be the best version of ourselves.

I’ve (I feel like I have) grown up a lot over the past few years, especially since I started university. I’ve been realizing things.


One thing that I’ve be realizing about myself is what makes me happiest. There are a few things that make me really happy.

1. Being Honest

2. Doing Things I Enjoy

3. Embracing Who I Am & Being Myself

I’ve spent so much time growing up, trying to be someone just a bit different than who I really am. I hadn’t accepted certain parts of myself or was hiding behind things. I feel like I’ve so carefully tried to curate my social presence in my teenage-hood and early adulthood to be someone just a little “better” than I actually am. I’ve spent so much time trying to portray myself in a particular way because we all want to be accepted, admired, loved, cared for and appreciated. Everyone has goals. Everyone wants to grow, discover more about themselves, be more productive, waste less time, seize opportunities & honestly, enjoy our lives more by doing things we enjoy. One thing, I’ve realized is if I spent as much time doing things that would be contribute to the person I’d like to become as much as the time that I think about it, I’d be far better off. I spend so much time thinking about how I’m not who I’d like to be & trying to portray myself as the person that I wish that I was. The amount of time I’ve thought about writing, filming,  editing, posting & sharing in the last few months, or the fact that I wasn’t doing what I wanted to be doing (writing, filming & editing) has given me nothing. Shocker. Why was I wasting my time? I’ve spent a lot of time feeling bad that I wasn’t doing what I wish I was doing. I’ve spent a lot of time feeling bad that I wished I was more creative, athletic or producing more creative output. Investing this energy into actually doing what makes us happy will (SURPRISE!) make us actually happier.

Recently, I’ve come across Erin.

It would take a while to explain Erin’s story but I would really encourage you to check her out. In the last 6 months, she has gone through the imaginable but nevertheless she persisted in doing what she loves, going through personal growth and in being herself. Now is the time to seize opportunities & stop wasting time because if not now, then when?

Here are a few of my insecurities (a few I’m working on & a few I’m learning to embrace):

  1. Wearing glasses
  2. My talkativeness/ outgoing-ness (rambling & lack of an ability to be concise)
  3. OCD about double checking if I have all my valuables on me
  4. Taking everything I own with me everywhere I go
  5. Overthinking irrational & illogical trivial things that don’t matter
  6. Not feeling like an adult
  7. If people knew the “real” me, they wouldn’t like me
  8. Not feeling understood
  9. Being really affectionate
  10. Avoiding confrontation/ conflict avoidance
  11. There’s more…

What I want to do more, be true to myself about & not make excuses for:

  1. Exercise more regularly
  2. Eat healthier
  3. Write more
  4. Make more videos
  5. Be more creative
  6. Feel comfortable in who I am
  7. Be more communicative
  8. Be honest with myself & those who I care about, about who I am, where I’d like to be & my dedication to grow in passions, friendships & relationships.

P.S. In my dedication to no longer make excuses for my goals with creative output, I’ve made me some upgrades, quadrupled my computer’s RAM & doubled the size of my hard drive to make my computer operate at supersonic speeds to make writing & making videos on my laptop easier, I’m so excited to make videos again & to write more. Thanks for reading (listening)!



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