7 Reasons Why Cycling Is the Best (Weather Permitting)


I love cycling and my bike. Everyone knows me for my white hybrid Minelli, with a floral bell, newly acquired safety lights, with a slightly dented aluminum basket attached to the front. (Don’t lock your bike to a fence by the McDonalds drive thru.) My bike at this point is just part of my aesthetic. Or sometimes, you’ll catch me with my brother’s black Raleigh when the tires on my bike are flat. My love of bike riding is definitely a part of me and everyone knows me for it. My love for cycling and bikes is so great that I’ve highly considered, in the future, moving to a place where I could easily and comfortably bike year round. I love biking for so many different reasons. People often question my bike, point out how much of an inconvenience it is that I have it with me or just simply ask me why I love biking so much. In this post, for the fun of it, I hope to share the many reasons of my love bike riding. I hope a few people who aren’t in love with their bikes or don’t have one can discover why I love it so much. Then maybe, they can start showing a little love to their own bike which has been collecting dust in their shed for years.

1. It Makes Your Body Feel Great

Cycling without a doubt makes your body, muscles and mind feel awesome. Cycling is an awesome way to exercise and work out your body. Cycling and working out in general of course can help you lose weight, help digestion, is beneficial for your skin and can help you look younger if you make working out a priority and over a period of time have a consistently active lifestyle. Cycling can also give you an amazing cardio high which makes your body and mind feel great. Cycling is an amazing way to exercise because you can use it as a means of transportation, which helps you to stay fit, while also being enjoyable, relaxing and not very strenuous.

2. It Makes Your Mind Feel Great

Exercise and cycling especially for me makes my mind feel great. When I’ve been constantly exercising a few times a week for about a month I have noticeably better mental clarity. Good mental clarity means you can have more creativity or better creative breakthroughs when you are thinking clearly and feel fresh. When you have cycling (a great and non time consuming way to exercise) that you can easily incorporate into your busy lifestyle, it just generally sharpens your overall mental clarity. If you ride your bike often you’re more likely to have better interpersonal skills, you don’t need as many breaks while you work and it’ll be easier to finish work on time when you’ve had your fair share of physical exertion.

3. Inexpensive Compared to Other Ways of Commuting

Once you’ve bought your bike and bought some basic accessories for it, riding your bike to commute is extraordinarily cheaper than driving or using public transportation. Maintaining your bike for the most part includes pumping up your tires occasionally as well as replacing an inner tube the very odd time if you pop your tire.  Once you’ve bought a bike bump or even if you get someone else to do it for you, it won’t cost more than $10 to pump your tires every couple of months. Dealing with public transit fares, monthly passes or car monthly payments, gas and general car maintenance can get very expensive very fast. Biking is something that will keep your body feeling great, your mind feeling sharp and will keep your money in the bank.

4. Takes Less Time Than Others Types of Commuting

Though contrary to popular belief, biking somewhere to commute or going to a friend’s house, to a mall or store etc. can save a lot of time. Of course biking is always faster than walking. Biking is often times much better than public transit too when you incorporate walking to bus stops or public transit stations, wait times, traffic and delays. Not only can you bike where you want, whenever you want and it’s often much faster than walking or public transit, biking is often times much faster than driving especially in rush hour traffic. With the delays traffic causes for cars especially during periods of construction or in rush hour, when driving, you can be stuck in traffic for literally hours during your commute home from work. Sitting bumper to bumper in rush hour traffic day after day can be really detrimental to our mental and physical health. There are of course way less cyclists on the road than cars which means that cyclists will have less traffic when trying to get home. Dealing with the aggravation of sitting in traffic after a long day or week’s work constantly can get extremely exhausting and frustrating. Ending off your day by biking home will save you that time and aggravation.

5. Better Sleep

When exercising our bodies and minds while cycling, naturally we become more tired which helps us to fall asleep that follows a routine schedule and also helps us to get a good, long and interrupted sleep. Often times, when people don’t physically exert and dispose of excess energy, this causes insomnia. When we can’t sleep and don’t feel tired, we don’t go to sleep on time, meaning when we wake up early for work or school the next morning we know we didn’t get enough sleep. Cycling and how easy it is to incorporate into your everyday routine helps us get a good sleep every night and maintain a good sleep schedule when ensures we feel well rested (most of the time).

6. Saves Time (Commuting & Work Out in One)

Cycling helps us save time, big time! Though of course all types of exercise are great for us in many ways, people often complain they are too busy or don’t have enough time to exercise. I believe cycling to commute is the most efficient use of your time in terms of exercising, especially if you are considerably busy. Even if commuting home by bike takes a little bit longer, you are saving time but not having to allot separate time to exercise later on in the day. By cycling or biking you are putting your time to commute and work out together. This saves time, commuting and exercising at the same time.

7. It’s so fun

As I mentioned before ALL cardio is good for you, of course. But, what cardio do you actually enjoy doing so much that you are looking forward to your next cardio session? Cycling is fun and when you’re finished your bike ride, you’re excited for the next time you’ll get back on your bike. Learning to your ride bike as a kid was so exciting. It’s actually still as fun now as it was when you were just learning. Cycling is a good workout, that isn’t daunting, is time efficient, makes you feel free and is even adventurous (when exploring new places or choosing new routes). The wind in your face, your legs dangling from your seat after you’ve peddled especially hard, sipping on your water and watching the sunset, feeling that warm summer air or that crisp autumn air, as you bike is an undeniably awesome feeling. As they say biking can add days to your life and life to your days! I truly love it!

What is your favourite type of cardio? I would love to hear it!



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